Day 55, Morning, Gym

Alyssa entered the gym and started working out.
She hit the punch bag, trying to work out stress so that it did not affect her duties in the upcoming day.
Kicking it, she wondered when she was going to be able to get off world. She was a member of the military after all. Shouldn't she be allowed to be on a team and go off world, helping the expedition.

But she didn't want to press the matter. She didn't want to anger or annoy the major. That would only make her getting off world less likely. As she thought about the matter, she bgena to hit the bag more and more, causing it to move about before coming free and flying across the room, just as the gym door opened behind her.

Day 55, Morning - Infirmary

John and his vaguely-canid companion arrived at the infirmary just before the time Carson had ordered him to, for the checkup appointment that Carson had totally made up. At least, John didn't have any record of one being scheduled before now, and he was pretty sure Carson had decided he needed one just because he was in a bad mood. John wouldn't put it past him.

"Stay," he told the dog, and walked inside to wait for someone to notice him. If no one did, well, he'd wait a minute or two and then make his escape.
Miles in Denver

Day 55, Day, Off-World, Attn: Lorne, Bates, McKay

When Miles emerged from the event horizon, his eyes popped open to see a clearing surrounded by lush forest. He stepped forward away from the Stargate and looked around curiously.

He'd gone through the Stargate just once, when they were traveling to the Pegasus Galaxy in the first place, and while this had been a shorter trip, he found himself just as surprised as he had when he first arrived in Atlantis.

The sun was shining, there seemed to be birds chirping in the surrounding trees, the sky was blue, the air was breathable, and if it weren't for the fact that he knew he was in another galaxy, he could have sworn he was back on Earth.

It was like the one time his parents had decided to take a vacation because the doctor had told Dad that his blood pressure was too high, and as a result, his parents had planned to drive down to Disney World from Germantown, Maryland. The trees had looked the same in Florida as they had in Maryland, with noticeably less evergreens and more leafy trees.

Of course, by the end of the road trip, his father's blood pressure had jumped, and there had been a moratorium on family trips from then on. Miles had been relieved because that meant he wouldn't have to miss the Real Ghostbusters.

After looking around, he glanced at the others, checking quickly to see if the two military men had unholstered their guns, or if the peaceful surroundings hadn't warranted being ready to shoot the first humanoid they saw full of holes.

Day 55 - Morningish, Around and About - Whoever

With Rodney delivered safely into Lorne's hands and the team through the gate, John wandered down the halls and stairs of the control tower trying to decide what to spend the day doing. There was the normal administrative stuff to do and some jumper training scheduled, but with Rodney gone and Zelenka occupied there probably wouldn't be much in the way of touching-weird-stuff, so he would have some extra time on his hands. He figured he could do some rounds, perhaps drop in unannounced on some of his subordinates to remind them that they did have a CO, and maybe work in a nap after lunch. One thing was sure - he wasn't going anywhere near the infirmary a moment before he had to.

Day 55 - Morning, Physics Lab

John was a man on a mission. Or a man with a mission. Sort of. A second-hand mission that had to do with a mission of someone else, but still a mission none the less, and certainly one as dangerous as any he'd face either in Pegasus or back on Earth. It was one that required him to confront a fearsome, cranky beast in its lair.

"Morning, Rodney," he said cheerfully as he strolled into the physics lab. "Nice day out, isn't it?"
Miles Anderson - 15

Day 55, Morning and Mid-Day, Linguistics Labs, Attn: Anyone

When Miles woke up that morning, wrapped around Radek, he slipped out of bed and headed for his quarters. He changed, brushed his teeth, and found himself wondering why he didn't bring his toothbrush over to Radek's quarters when he spent the night. Adding that to the rest of his mental list of things to bring tonight, he found his tablet, made sure it had power, and headed for the labs.

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Day 54. Various locations. Attn: Sora, John, Evan, Weir, anyone else

Teyla smiled at Sora. "Are you ready to go?" They had started the day with a long conversation about the restrictions on where they could and could not travel within the city, and the reasons behind this. It was a necessary conversation, and thankfully Sora was very understanding about the restrictions. Teyla had outfitted her in more comfortable clothes than the uniform she had been wearing in some clothing borrowed from a fellow Athosian.

The day was young, and there was a city to be explored.

Day 53, Afternoon, Infirmary, Attn: Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Lorne, et al

One of the marines stationed outside of the infirmary let Carson know that Major Sheppard and the off world teams had returned - plus one extra person. Carson had frowned at that, but corralled the staff on duty so they could get the teams in and out with relative ease.

Teyla and an unfamiliar blonde woman walked in, Teyla's arm firmly around the other woman's waist. Carson raised an eyebrow, but smiled at the women. "Welcome back, Teyla. Welcome to Atlantis," he said to the woman. "I'm Dr. Carson Beckett, head of medicine."