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Current Game Time: Day 55

Rewriting the Mission

Atlantis Reborn - An RPG
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A Stargate Atlantis RPG

Welcome to Atlantis!

Atlantis Reborn is an online RPG based on the characters and worlds seen on the television show Stargate Atlantis . The story here begins after the events of the Season One episodesRising, after which it diverges from the original story into an alternate universe. Click here for the story so far. Both canon and original characters are welcome here.

Moderators: slybrarian, archae_ology, and lapislaz.

This is the the In-Character Comm. The Out-of-Character Comm is reborn_occ.


1. No taking control of another player's character unless given direct permission from the player or moderator.

2. No god modding - If you have your character do something stupid it could and likely WILL result in harm and possible death of that character. For an extreme example: If you’re playing Jinto and have him attack a room full of wraith, he's going to be a nice snack.

2-a. Just because you as a player know something (about another character or a plot line) does not necessarily mean that your characters will know it.

3. Please be courteous and respectful of fellow players at all times. Anybody who is not will be banned from the group.

4. Please use spell check and proper grammar. This makes posts easier to read and follow. If we can’t understand what your post is about or what you are trying to say/do we probably won’t respond to it in the manner that you were hoping for.

5. Posts should be in paragraph form. That means somewhere between 1 and 8 sentences together. Posts that consist of one huge paragraph are difficult to read. Posts in actually game play threads should also be in 3rd person.

6. Characters/jobs/positions/etc. are given on a first-come, first-serve basis and only one player may play any one character at any one time.

6-a. Each player will be limited to 4 total characters - canon characters may be limited for fairness. The canon character rule will be 'bendable' should you really want a second canon that isn't "popular" or that is a "minor background" canon, i.e. the little Canadian guy we see at the gate console from time to time, that German scientist from Duet , folks like that.

6-b. Every Character must have an application filled out and approved before you may begin playing that character. For more on the application process please read the Character Section below.

6-c. Every character that you play must have their own journal. The name of that journal should be some form of that character’s name.

i.e. - Character: Dr. Elizabeth Weir Possible Journal names: Dr. Weir, Elizabeth Weir, Lizzy Weir, Doctor Weir, etc.

Please have a journal for your characters up and running and have e-mailed us the ID within two days or so of character approval.

All icons that you choose to use for your character journal should be of your character only and you must have at least one. This will make it easy for everyone to know which character is posting. Posting to these journals like an in-character journal or notebook is encouraged. This often adds another fun and interesting component to the game.

6-d. Players are expected to post at least several times a week depending on the plots involving their characters be it group or one on one (unless they notify Owner/Mods that they will be absent)

7. Please keep Out of Character conversation in the OCC Comm . OOC on the RP Comm disrupts the flow of the game.

8. If you have a problem of some kind, be it with another player or with a plotline, please discuss it with the mods privately via e-mail at atlantisreborn (at) gmail.com, or via chat.

9. To ensure that you have read these rules you must include the phrase "On the Gateship Lollypop" at the end of your Character Application.


Taken Character List:

Gunnery Sgt Marcus Bates
Dr. Carson Beckett
Dr. Sean Corrigan
Teyla Emmagen
Dr. Peter Grodin
Sgt. Tim Kagan
Major Evan Lorne
Sgt. Seth Markham
Major John Sheppard
Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Dr. Radek Zelenka

Original Characters:

Dr Miles N. Anderson
Dr. David Andrew Beckham
Dr. Moira Garibaldi
Dr. Cristiano Martins
Keara O'Brien, R.N.
Sgt Peter Rawlins
Dr. Alinor Tudor

All Characters MUST have an application filled out and approved before you may begin to play that character. Please use the application template below and e-mail your completed application(s) to atlantisreborn at gmail dot com

Please be as detailed as possible with your character sheets. This is meant to provide us with an example of your writing, and what you plan on doing with the character. This Template contains all information that must be included, you may add other information as you like. No one will be allowed to join the comm until an application is approved.


Player Information

Your Name/LJ ID:

E-mail Address:

How Often You Can Post:

Are you 18:

Tell Us About Your Roleplay Past/Abilities:


Character Information

Character Name:



Physical Description:


History/Bio: A brief bio of your character. Please do not outright plagarize other sites.

Position on Atlantis or Affiliation: (Military/Scientist/Medical/Wraith/Genii, etc.)

Brief Writing Sample in Character and in 3rd Person: This section should be at least several paragraphs long, and can be about anything you want. This is the most important part of the application.

Character Photos: For original characters, we ask that you have at least one character photo to link to from your journal, so other players can have an idea of what they look like.

How to Post

All actual game play posts (this means anything not posted in your character journal) should be in third person. In other words "Carson startled when the hallway suddenly when dark..." not "I was walking down the hall and suddenly the light went out."

Post only with with the character journal of the character that you wish to make the post for.

If you are starting a new thread: the subject line of your post must contain your character location, general time stamp (such as day, time of day) and an attention stamp.

i.e. [Medical labs - late afternoon - Attn: Rodney, Elizabeth & John]

The body section should then contain your post. If the opening post is longer than a couple of paragraphs, please consider cutting it after the first one or two, so that there's enough to get an idea of what's going on but it won't be huge on friends lists or the comm.

Please try to remember to tag your posts, but do not obsess over this. Tag them with your character's last name and the location. Updates and corrections will be made by the mods later.

If you are replying to a thread: Always reply to the main post the other replies. This will keep the thread from being squished up and will keep all the replies visible. Trust us, it makes it a lot easier to read.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us or catch us on chat.

Remember, above everything else, we are here to have fun!